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Unforgettable experiences

In and around Salzburg

Experience Salzburg with all its facets and cultural highlights, because the world-famous cultural city, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and its wonderful surroundings have something to offer for every taste.

Whether you want to marvel at the play Jedermann at the cathedral square or enjoy an exciting concert at the Salzburg Festival, the hometown of Mozart offers a unique cultural experience all year long.

Numerous destinations in the immediate surroundings like the Untersberg, the Tauern cycle path or the salt mine Bad Dürnberg, which was opened in 2021, guarantee varied holidays for the whole family.

Enjoy art accompanied by culinary delights at the Hangar-7 or go on a shopping spree at the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet in Salzburg.

Salzburg’s top sights on a glance can be found here https: www.hello-salzburg.at
©Tourismus Salzburg, Photo: Breitegger Günter

The old town of Salzburg

The old town of Salzburg with its wonderful baroque buildings is world-famous. For those, who want to see the impressive and unique buildings from above, we recommend visiting the castle Hohensalzburg. Or enjoy the impressive view from the Mönchsberg, the local mountain of Salzburg.

Salzburg’s old town is always worth a visit: famous for its history, full of musical virtuosos and influenced by many other important personalities of the past. But even off the usual paths, there are many special highlights to discover. Immerse into a completely new world of experiences surrounded by historic walls.
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Cultural delights

The Salzburg Festival

The Salzburg Festival is an indispensable part of the cultural wealth of Austria and renowned far beyond the Austrian borders. With an extensive opera, theatrical and music program the Salzburg Festival is definitely worth a visit. It offers interested ones a cultural experience beyond compare – and this: every year.

Pleasure palace & waterworks

The Castle Hellbrunn

The Castle Hellbrunn is really one of the most beautiful destinations in and around Salzburg. Especially the waterworks are well-known. Discover the creatures spouting water in the mystic grottoes and allow the magical water to tantalize you. Or you enjoy a winterly walk through the impressive garden, where you may be surprised at some of the highlights that await you here.

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Hotel-Gasthof-Mostwastl-Salzburg-Ausflugsiele Zoo Salzburg

For the whole family

The Salzburg Zoo

Same entrance but a totally different experience. The Salzburg Zoo is a holiday-highlight, especially for our young guests. Beside the exciting exotic species like zebras and pumas, the area offers a petting zoo, where kids can come into close contact with different animals living there.

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The Untersberg

Many myths and legends surround this mountain, especially the numerous caves that the mountain hides. The Untersberg-train takes you almost all the way up to the top and gives you a view that you will not forget – and it starts almost on our doorstep.
Hotel-Gasthof-Mostwastl-Salzburg-Ausflugsiele Tauernradweg---SalzburgerLand-Tourismus---Markus-Greber
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Salzburg surroundings

The Tauern Cycle Path

A real treat for cycling enthusiasts of all ages. The Tauern Cycle Path stretches over a length of 270 to 310km and leads from Krimml to Passau. Most of the route is asphalted and is therefore also perfect for families with children. The entire bike path is well signposted, so you can never get off the right path and you are guaranteed to reach your destination.

Salt mine
Bad Dürnberg

This mine is one of the oldest ones in the world and it is one of the historical sights of Salzburg. Here you will be introduced to the exciting history of salt and explained what great value it had in the past. Not for nothing it was called the essence of life. Come with us on an adventurous journey through time.

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